Cultivate Better

Our purpose is clear: to cultivate better people, plants, and products. To do so, we commit to support improving outcomes through responsible cannabis use.

Every day we strive to be the #1 choice of consumers and patients seeking the highest-quality craftsmanship and product consistency. And our established experts in cannabis cultivation are building a portfolio of differentiated cannabis products that are doing exactly that.

People People

We’re pioneers, champions and students who seek to earn those titles every day.

Uniquely qualified and always seeking to get even better, our people are among the leaders of their respective fields.

Our cultivation team is widely recognized as some of the most successful in the industry. Our R&D team includes Canada’s first PhD focused on optimizing cannabis production. Our marketers are experienced in growing consumer brands and launching new innovations in highly-regulated industries, while our sales team excels at delivering our proposition to industry partners. The operations teams executes effectively across multiple processes, ensuring quality and consistency, and demonstrated by our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance in multiple facilities.

Our expertise, industry relationships and thought leadership have us aiming to continually deliver incredible plants and products to satisfied customers around the world.

Plants Plants

We start with a deep understanding of-and care for–the cannabis plant.

Our master growers live to see them prosper. To say that they’re proficient is an understatement.

We cultivate with unparalleled passion, skill and attention to detail.

We work tirelessly to build upon and innovate our facilities, cultivation systems and processes with one simple goal: provide people with consistenly high-quality, exceptional cannabis products.

Cultivate BetterProducts

While it starts with the plant, ultimately we must offer products that fit in the lives of our customers – recreational consumers and medical patients alike.

So we have some of the top minds in cannabinoid research working to stabilize genetics, breed better quality cultivars.

We are constantly cultivating better products, creating new innovative formats and ensuring quality and consistency in everything we produce. We aim to consistently produce the highest yields of premium quality cannabis at scale.