Frequently Asked Questions

1. When was The Flowr Corporation incorporated?

The Flowr Corporation was incorporated under the Business Corporations Act (Alberta) on June 1, 2016.

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2. Where are the shares of The Flowr Corporation traded?

TSX Venture Exchange

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3. What is The Flowr Corporation’s stock ticker symbol?


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4. How can you purchase shares of The Flowr Corporation?

In order to purchase and hold The Flowr Corporation shares, you must go through a broker.

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5. How many share of The Flowr Corporation are currently issued and outstanding?

The total number of common shares outstanding is 106,979,080 as per Flowr’s latest MD&A.

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6. Does The Flowr Corporation pay dividends?

The Flowr Corporation does not pay dividends at this time.

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7. Who is The Flowr Corporation’s stock transfer agent for Canadian documentation?

The Flowr Corporation’s transfer agent and registrar for its Common Shares is Computershare Investor Services Inc. at its principal offices in Toronto, Ontario.

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8. Where can I get access to The Flowr Corporation’s public filings?

The Flowr Corporation’s public filings are available on SEDAR at

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9. Who are The Flowr Corporation’s independent auditors?

The Flowr Corporation’s independent auditors are MNP LLP.

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10. What is The Flowr Corporation’s fiscal year? When do fiscal quarters end?

The Flowr Corporation’s fiscal year ends is on December 31. Quarters are March 31 (Q1), June 30 (Q2) and September 30 (Q3).

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11. How do I contact The Flowr Corporation’s investor relations?

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12. Where is The Flowr Corporation’s head office located?

60 Adelaide Street East
Suite 1000
Toronto, Ontario, M5C 3E4

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