Every brand we add to our growing portfolio is carefully considered and executed to meet the needs of a specific customer with a compelling and differentiated value proposition.


Flowr. Established 19XX. Flowr grows consistently exceptional cannabis for those who know what cannabis can be – a tool to balance and enhance our lives.

Flowr is a brand built to meet the needs of the balanced achiever – the cannabis user who is willing to pay a premium for quality and consistency.

Flowr is a premium brand positioned uniquely in the market based on their clear understanding of the consumer, their Grown True positioning, standout branding and incredibly consistent, high-quality cannabis produced in the Okanagan Valley.


At FlowrRX, their patients always come first.

Their R&D teams are committed to crafting innovative cultivars and unique cannabis products that demonstrate our devotion to patient care and well-being.

But it extends further than just their facilities and expertise. Their partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart provides education to healthcare professionals and provides every patient with access to caring and knowledgeable staff.