2020 Outdoor Medical Cannabis Cultivation Project in Partnership with Terrace Global

Sintra, Portugal

Since Roman times, Sintra has always profited from its proximity to Lisbon and an ideal climate. Nowadays, a thriving collection of industrial installations in the outskirts of the old town is home to a number of businesses that come to enjoy easy access to the largest airport in Portugal, the highway network and to a highly skilled workforce. Holigen Sintra is home to six state-of-the art EU-GMP rooms for indoor cultivation, manufacturing, and laboratory facilities. It is also the site for most of the R&D work carried out by the company in its quest for relevant and differentiated solutions for existing and soon to be identified pathologies that can be treated by cannabis and its active principles.

Aljustrel, Portugal

The hills are soft, very much like the colours that change throughout the year in the Alentejo region of Portugal where Aljustrel is located. Everything about it suggests calm, and the wide horizons bring about amazing sunsets. The beauty of the region is only matched by the quality of its wines and olive oil, both produced in this warm area located “beyond the Tagus river” (the meaning of Alentejo), about 160 km South of Lisbon via sophisticated highways, possessing ideal conditions for the outdoor cultivation of cannabis. 60 hectares of pristine land, located near the old town of Aljustrel, with a favourable climate and easy access to water, allows Holigen to bring about the best nature can offer to extract, develop and manufacture pharmaceutical solutions to meet the needs and desires of the medical community and its patients.