Where It Began

We focus on producing premium cannabis products for medical patients and recreational consumers throughout Canada, utilizing its purpose-built indoor and outdoor cultivation and processing facilities located in the city of Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley Region of British Columbia, Canada (the “Kelowna Campus”). Flowr is currently focused on producing, marketing and distributing premium dried cannabis flower products (i.e. packaged dried cannabis flower and pre-rolls) and intends to strategically offer new product formats such as cannabis oils, vape technology, edibles, beverages and topical products, as demand patterns evolve. We believe demand for new product formats will consistently grow and that many of these products are best when infused with ingredients derived from greenhouse and/or outdoor grown cannabis which can be achieved through our various facilities.


Kelowna 1 is an 85,000 square foot purpose built indoor facility capable of producing 10,000 kg of premium cannabis when fully optimized. It contains 20 highly controlled grow rooms which are approximately 1,730 square feet each. It is currently licensed and fully operational.

Okanagan Valley

Nestled amongst majestic lakes and soaring hills, The Okanagan Valley is a land like no other. From its world-class wines to its exceptional gastronomy, the valley’s true beauty lies in its ability to inspire. Breeding innovation, creativity and passion – it’s a place we’re proud to call home. To date, our facilities team has designed and built 17 cultivation facilities under the former MMAR / MMPR programs and the current ACMPR program. The team has been granted three producers’ licences by Health Canada for MedReleaf, In the Zone (The Cronos Group) and now Flowr. That knowledge and experience has been used to establish our new flagship Kelowna campus, one of the most advanced, purpose-built cultivation facilities in the world. From our meticulously monitored GMP designed facilities to our unique equipment, techniques and growing systems, we believe our experience is unrivalled.