Distinctive strategies targeting specific markets

We have developed two separate strategies, to target the recreational market in Canada and medicinal market in Europe. Our approach and commercial strategies reflect our understanding of their fundamental differences and nuances. Also, our production approach was designed to align with these distinctive strategies and support our unparalleled focus on delivering what matters most to our target adult-users and patients.

We believe that to service the premium segment of dry flower market (i.e. inhalable which are still 40-60% of mature recreational cannabis markets) purpose-built indoor facilities are required to produce a product of high enough quality to compete with the illicit market. Quality is defined as producing a consistent product which maximizes the cannabis plant’s cannabinoid and terpene profile. For derivative form factors, producing low cost cannabis at scale is essential when cannabis is used as an input for a finished good. All our assets globally have this in mind.

We have built a platform that will support growth and act as strategic gateways to enter new markets as they legalize globally.

Platforms built for global growth


  • Our production facilities are housed at our campus in Kelowna British Columbia.
  • Kelowna 1 is our flagship 85,000 square foot purpose built indoor facility which is fully licensed and operational. It is capable of producing approximately 10,000 kg of premium dry flower when fully scaled with yields per square foot we believe will be among the best in the industry.
  • Flowr Forest, is our 330,000 square foot outdoor / shade-house grow which is capable of producing 10,000 kg of cannabis which will be used as inputs for other derivative form factors.
  • The Flowr / Hawthorne R&D Facility is state of the art, first of its kind, and dedicated to cannabis R&D which has been largely funded by Scotts Miracle-Gro / Hawthorne Gardening.


  • We have what we believe is one of the largest outdoor THC cultivation sites in the developed world in Southern Portugal, capable of producing 500,000 kg of dry flower when fully scaled up. This asset has been deemed a Project of National Interest by the Portuguese Government.
  • Just outside of Lisbon, we have an indoor cultivation and R&D site in Sintra capable of producing approximately 2,000 kg of dry flower. The Sintra facility’s GMP certification is pending, placing The Flowr Corporation amongst a short list of producers.